Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What's this all about?

I work for a large networking equipment vendor and at the moment I'm working on a project where I'm responsible for getting a lot of testing completed on broadband technologies. We must be testing some pretty good stuff because for a lot of the cases, the tools required either:

a) don't exist
b) don't work
c) pretend to work but are really doing some other, rubbish, thing
d) don't scale

I'm finally getting to the end of some of the toughest challenges in my working life to date and I thought it would be worth starting a blog to document and share some of the tricks and tools I've used. Most of these are just quick tricks I've used in well known products like FreeRADIUS or Wireshark but many have been absolutely instrumental.

I'm not an expert on most of this stuff, so a lot of what I think is great will be old hat to many. I had to search a while to find most of it, though, so hopefully posting on here will save someone else some time and effort.

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