Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Unexpected LDP Support in dechap

About a week ago I made a couple of updates to dechap which allowed it to run dictionary attacks firstly against OSPF packets and then against BGP packets. Since then I've been thinking about adding other protocols such as TACACS+ (turns out to be hard, see my other post on this), LDP, HSRPv2, you name it.

This evening I decided to sit down and work on LDP support, only to discover that just like BGP, LDP uses the TCP MD5 signature option for authentication. After pausing for a moment to wonder if I really was that lucky I decided to knock together a quick test. Basically the answer is "yes, I am that lucky" and "yes, dechap v0.4a works against LDP". So I can add another protocol to the growing list without even modifying the code.

So to summarise, dechap can now attack:

  • PPP / PPPoE CHAP authentication
  • RADIUS CHAP authentication
  • L2TP CHAP authentication
  • OSPF MD5 authentication
  • BGP MD5 authentication
  • LDP MD5 authentication
...straight from the pcap file, even if the captured traffic has MPLS labels and / or VLAN tags.

Time to move onto the next target... any suggestions?

Meanwhile, dechap v0.4a can be downloaded at my github.

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